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Hi, Sarah, from Bounce here.

I had an interesting email the other day that I wanted to share with you. It was from Tod from Springburn who asked about a particularly cheap mini BMX that he had found online. Tod asked why this bike was available at about 75% the cost of a Bounce BMX and what exactly was it about Bounce that made it worth the extra money.

better than a cheap mini bmx
At Bounce BMX we love question like this because what Tod did was smart. He was buying a mini BMX for his kid’s birthday and was not so much interested in price as he was in quality and safety. He wanted a robust bike that would take everything his kid could throw at it but at the same time, he wanted to be sure that the mini BMX he bought was going to last.

Technical and Design Superiority

First of all, I pointed Tod to Dan’s recent post on the technical and design superiority of the Bounce mini BMX. It is worth remembering that although a product – almost any product you can think of, can be shrunk to be a perfect miniature of the original design, the same can not be said of a human body.

Even a child is not a perfect adult human in replica. Their proportions are different and the stresses on their bones, joints and muscles is different. The same is true of a mini BMX.

Here is what Dan said about this:

When looking at the available mini bmx bikes out there, we found frames were too compact which made it difficult to do some tricks. We understand why other companies made their bikes like this. They just shrunk the geometry of a regular BMX which was the obvious thing to do. The problem with this is however, is that the regular BMX geometry was never designed to be used on a bike this small and just ends up feeling uncomfortable. So the first thing we did, was set out to extend the frame to make the bike more comfortable and enable it to do more tricks, with greater ease.

We would never sell a bike we wouldn’t ride ourselves.

I would advise to anyone that whichever brand you go for that you make sure you are buying a CE certified mini BMX. There are loads of cheap mini BMX suppliers out there, buying bikes imported from Chinese factories that do not meet European safety standards. We spent over a year designing a great quality mini BMX. We looked into the details. We used the best engineers and designers as we wanted to build a long lasting mini BMX to handle tough tricks. All Bounce products are fully CE certified meeting European safety standards.

Sponsor young and coming riders

We never forget that BMX gave birth to the mini BMX and we want to give back to the BMX community. Therefore, instead of sponsoring well known riders, we choose younger up and coming riders and we encourage them to achieve their dreams. We believe that by supporting the likes of our own awesome Barney and Jonathon, we are motivating young riders all over the UK and beyond.

Strong support after your purchase, 180 days warranty service

We love our Bouncers. You chose us and we think you guys (and girls) rock! So we bend over backwards to make sure you stay happy. :)

When you buy a Bounce mini BMX. You are not just buying a bike. You are also buying a great service from us. As we are so confident about our quality of bikes , we offer you 180 days warranty and welcome you to our family. Here you will always find strong support after your purchase.

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