Meet our team rider Barney Pauley

What first got you into riding?

When I was younger I used to race motocross, started taking a BMX to all the races to do dirt jumps with all my mates and slowly transitioned over to the parks and went from there!
Name: Barney Pauley
Hometown: Stratford, London
Birth: 10th February 1996
Instagram: @barneypauley
Facebook: Barney Pauley
Twitter: @barneypauley

What’s an average day in the life of Barney like?
I wake up, have breakfast as soon as I do, then if I have work go do that, and go to the gym after work! But if I don’t have work I catch up on my e-mails etc. then I go and be a BMX or mini BMX rider. I usually try get up to Charge Unit in Norwich or Adrenaline Alley in Corby! Then relax in the evening!

Where do you usually ride? I usually ride Cann Hall or Rom Skatepark in the local area or if it’s raining or I wanna go somewhere bigger, Charge unit or Adrenaline alley

What’s the difference between riding a full size BMX and a mini BMX?
Balance is completely different between the two. Some things are less effort on a mini bmx but others are trickier and might need a little more practise.

If you had to choose one spot to ride, what would it be and why?
Club EuroCamp In Tossa de Mar Spain, great location for a park and amazing ramps!!!

Who do you think is the best rider at the moment?
Alex Coleborn and Kyle Baldock lay it down at the moment! But Harry Main for his style still amazing to watch!

Which rider influenced your style the most?
Probably Harry Main for his smooth looking tricks.

Do you have any specific rituals or things you do before doing tricks / things you are scared of?
I always put my gum shield in and push my helmet down firmly on my head don’t know why just do it all the time I’m trying something! Haha.

What was the scariest thing you ever done on your bike?
Knocked myself out at Charge Unit in 2013 on a double tail whip and the scariest thing was overcoming that and doing it again this year and landing it I think was super scary

Is there a trick(s) you've never mastered?
I’ve never mastered inverts or turndowns but I’ve started doing them more to get them looking good!!!

What’s your favorite food?
All pasta dishes preferably spaghetti bolognese! Yh that’s about it.

Mini bmx rider Barney Pauley

Barney will be giving tips on tricks and moves you can do with your Bounce mini BMX. If you’d like to ask him any question in particular, leave it in the comments below:

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