Meet our team rider- Jonathan Hicks

What first got you into riding?

My friends invited me to my local park and then I took an interest in the sport. I got my own bike ASAP and haven’t stopped riding since.

Name: Jonathan Hicks

Hometown: Romford, London

Birth: 05/10/1996

Instagram: jonniehicks96

Facebook: Jonathan Hicks

Twitter: @jonniebmxhicks

Bio –

What’s an average day in the life of Jonnie like?

I’m always at the local park with my mates riding.

Where do you usually ride?

I’m normally at my local park which is Cotton’s Park in Romford which has been my local for 4 years.

What is the difference between riding a full size BMX and a mini BMX?

Riding a mini bmx bike is a real laugh. The big difference is the size of them. Some tricks are easier on a big bike but other tricks are easier in a mini bike

If you had to choose one spot to ride, what would it be and why?

I would choose Camp Woodward because it has everything there no matter what the weather is.

Who do you think is the best rider at the moment?

I think that Harry Main is the best BMX rider at the moment because the way he recovered from his injury and carried on riding and just sends it.

Which rider influenced your style the most?

The same as the question before, Harry Main has influenced my style which is ‘park’ which means; boxes, spines, half pipes and quarters.

Do you have any specific rituals or things you do before doing tricks / things you are scared of?

I mostly ride with headphones which helps me focus on tricks which allows me to think what I need to do without anyone interrupting, I’m not really scared of doing tricks because once I’ve tried it then I won’t be scared to do again.

What was the scariest thing you ever done on your bike?

Not a lot of things scare me on my bike, I try everyday to learn something new. Some of the big tricks scare me but I man up and eventually send it.

Is there a trick(s) you’ve never mastered?

I’m trying to master a lot of the technical tricks but I think I’ve mastered most of the other tricks.

What’s your favorite food?

i enjoy a lot of food but I mostly like pizza, pastas and roast dinners, haha.

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