Tricks tutorial 2 How to do Tail whip and Double tail whip

Dean from Edinburgh wrote to ask us whether a mini bmx’er can do all the same tricks on his bike that a skateboarder can do on his board.

We asked Barney who said … “Hell, yeah!” and decided to make it his mission to prove it. So check back regularly How to Tuesday by Barney

This is by own team rider Barney Pauley

He will be keeping you up to date with how to maintain your bike, and of course do all those sick tricks you’ve seen Barney do in our Athen’s tour edit.

This week, Barney shows you how to do a tail whip and double tail whip on your Bounce mini BMX.

He also gives you the most import things to remember while pulling off the trick -

These are;

  • Keep the bike underneath you
  • Use your legs to start the tail whip motion
  • Move arms in a circular motion
  • Spot pedals, COMMIT and you will land

If you have any tricks you like to learn, please leave below, and Barney will be happy to assist you. Let’s Bounce!

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