Why Bounce is the best quality mini BMX on the market today

Hi, Im Dan, Bounce’s chief mechanic. I wanted to write a blog to tell you why Bounce offer the best quality mini BMX out there today. Bounce spent a long time designing, testing and innovating the structure of this cool new bike. We looked at what riders disliked about existing mini BMXs, the roots of mini BMXs and what could be improved upon. Today Im going to give you two of the many reasons why you should Bounce!

mini bmx gear chain

When looking at the available mini bmx bikes out there, we found frames were too compact which made it difficult to do some tricks. We understand why other companies made their bikes like this. They just shrunk the geometry of a regular BMX which was the obvious thing to do. The problem with this is however, is that the regular BMX geometry was never designed to be used on a bike this small and just ends up feeling uncomfortable. So the first thing we did, was set out to extend the frame to make the bike more comfortable and enable it to do more tricks, with greater ease.

mini bmx wheel

The next area we looked at was the gearing. We found that the gearing on existing bikes, just doesn’t work. You can see an example of this is some of our competitor’s mini bmx edits. Watch for the rider’s peddling really fast but going very slowly. At Bounce BMX, we innovated the 9t driver and use a 28/9 gearing ratio to enable super speeds with little initial effort.

We are really proud to be innovating and our creative efforts are obviously paying off because as the old saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and other manufacturers are already following the Bounce way.

If you have any mechanic questions to Dan, please leave the message.

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